AirPods PRO Alternatives User Guide / Instructions

Tips To Get The Best Out Of Your AirPods Pro Alternatives

The provided instructions are ok to get you started, but just like Apple’s, they are not the most comprehensive. Therefore, we have put together this list of tips to help our customers get the best out of their AirPods Pro Alternatives. 


  • Not sure which pod goes in which ear?  They have L and R printed on the stems to help. :o)
  • Make sure the AirPods Pro are next to your device when trying to pair them together.
  • Your AirPods Pro can only be connected (paired) to once device at a time.  Each time you take the pods out of their charging case, they will automatically reconnect to the last paired device if possible.  
  • This is brilliant if only using one device.  However, if you want to connect to a different device (such as laptop or watch), you are best turning Bluetooth off on your original device (so Airpods can’t automatically connect) and then pair again to the new device with Bluetooth on.
  • Once music is running you can pause it simply by taking one pod out of your ear.  Replace in-ear to automatically start the music again.
  • You can connect with just one pod if so desired.
  • You can connect 2 different sets to the same device if you want to share music with someone else (Sharing)

Battery Levels

  • Different devices will drain the Airpod’s battery at different rates. 
  • Both Noise Cancelling and Transparency modes use significantly more power than when they are off.
  • The higher the volume, the more the batteries are depleted.
  • Unfortunately, as stated on our product page, the battery percentages displayed are not completely accurate.  They do provide a general idea of the remaining battery levels but should not be completely trusted.  

To be clear, it does not affect the actual battery performance, which should last a few hours before needing to go back in the case for a quick charge.  The charging case should be good for a few days before it will need charging again.

Optimised Battery Charging

If you find that the battery is not fully charging, and therefore not lasting as long as you would like, it is likely that you have Optimised Battery Charging enabled.  If you go to Bluetooth Settings when the Airpods are paired with your phone, select the AirPods Pro device.  Here you can disable Optimised Battery Charging...

This should enable them to charge up to 100% and give you more listening time!

Samsung / Android Guidance

Whilst our AirPods Pro work fine with Android based smartphones, some of the features in this guide are IOS only.  However, there are a few Apps that can be dowloaded to replicate Apple functionality.

For your convenience, here are links to a couple of the most popular Apps available.  Please note, we take no responsibility for their performance.

Music Preferences

Whilst the standard Equaliser settings are fine for most people, some may prefer to adjust them to cater for their personal musical preferences e.g. less base, more vocals, etc.

These settings can usually be adjusted from within your music app or streaming service. For example, on IOS, you can go to “Settings” >> “Music” >> “EQ” to experiment with different sound variations.


The touch/force sensors do take a little getting used to if you have not used them before. Our recommendation is to try and handle the pods by the bottom of their stems, so as to avoid accidentally pressing the touch sensors on the side of the stem.  
  • Long press on the sensor to cycle between your chosen Noise Control Settings.
  • Short press the sensor once to play, pause, or answer a call.
  • Short press the sensor twice to skip forward.
  • Just pop them back in the case to turn them off.
Plus, you can say “Hey Siri” at any time to do more with your AirPods Pro, including things like playing a specific song, album or playlist, making a call, getting directions, etc.

This isn’t the only way of controlling your earphones: you can switch between Noise Cancellation and Transparency mode with the volume slider in Control Center (IOS only).

Name & Control Settings

You can adjust some of the settings for the touch controls on your phone by going to Bluetooth settings and tapping the info icon on the "AirPods Pro” connection.  Here you can adjust the controls to suit you.  You can also adjust the name here too!

For example, it may be best to turn off the in-ear sensors that control playback (remove to pause, replace to play) if they are causing playback to stop unnecessarily.


Noise Control Settings

Here you can select which types of noise control you want available to switch between using the touch controls.  You can choose from Noise Cancellation (blocks out external noise), Transparency (lets in external noise), or Off (which turns off the previous 2 options and uses less battery).

Ear Tips

You can also change the size of the ear tips on your AirPods Pro.  For the vast majority of people the standard tips already in place will be perfect.  However, if you have slightly bigger or small ears you may want to experiment with the 3 different size tips included in the baser of your box.

To help you decide there is a short test you can do to find the optimum tip for you...

GPS Tracking

Our AirPods Pro have built-in GPS so you can attempt to locate your earphones if you lose them, or god forbid, have them stolen!  If you are on Apple you can track the Airpods location via the Find My app.  If you are on Android then you need the Google Find My Device app.


If your AirPods Pro get confused for any reason, or stop behaving as you would expect, you can easily reset them which usually resolves the issue.

Reset instructions, assuming you are pairing to a phone...
1. Delete all the Airpods records on the phones bluetooth (forget device)
2. Switch off your phone's Bluetooth
3. With the lid open and with the pods inside, press the case button for 8 - 12 seconds, wait for white light to stop flashing
4. Close the case and leave for around 1 minute
5. Now you can begin pairing again.  You may need to repeat this a few times if it does not work first time.


Hopefully that answers any questions you may have on our Airpod Pro Alternatives.  If there is anything else you wish to know please feel to post a comment below or contact us at

Many thanks,